Wadi Rum Trail

Horse tours - 6 days riding


Horse riding in the Wadi Rum desert.


  • Wadi Rum desert horse riding trail
  • desert bivouac and two nights at the camp


Activities :
  • Horse riding, Sightseeing,

6 days horse riding in Wadi Rum desert.

During the 6 days horse riding you will discover :

  • Wadi Rum valley
  • Bedouin traditions
  • Lawrence’s house
  • The red sand dunes area
  • Rash Rasha valley
  • Um Raza canyons
  • Sweibat valley
  • Jebel Burdah

Riding level : This activity requires you to be experienced in horse riding and fit enough to enjoy and take advantage of the ride. Also, as our horses are Arabian, they are small and can not carry heavy weight.  We do not ask them to carry more than 85 kg.

What is an experienced rider?

  • to know how to saddle and unsaddle your horse.
  • to know to control your horse at all paces in open area.
  • to know how to do rising trot, canter and gallop.

From Monday to Saturday

Day 1 
Meeting at our stables/in Rum village at around 9.00 am.
Time to drink the first bedouin tea, meet the horses and the team.
First ride through Um Ishrin valley, on the way visit of Lawrence’s house. After lunch we will ride through an open valley with a view over the red sand area. Dinner and bivouac in Abu Hassaran.

Day 2
After breakfast, we will cross Rash Rasha valley with its red sands and go to Qatar mountain. There we will see the spring and have lunch. After lunch, ride to Um Raza, its red sands and its canyons, where we will set up camp for the night.

Day 3
After breakfast, we will ride to Arab Antar, a natural cave famous for its legends. Lunch near Arab Antar, then we will go to Sweibat valley, that is located 5 km from the saudian border. Dinner and bivouac in Sweibat.

Day 4 
After breakfast, we will cross through Cerdan valley and see a Neolithic well that is still used by the Bedouins. We will have lunch in Um Umgur. Then we will cross narrow canyons to arrive in Abu Rashaba where we will set up camp for the night.

Day 5 
After breakfast, we will ride from Abu Rashaba to Jebel Burdah and see the natural rock bridge on its summit. After lunch we will ride to the red sand dunes and Jebel Um Feshiyeh and its nabatean inscriptions. Dinner and bivouac in the red sand dunes area.

Day 6

After breakfast, we will cross Barragh canyon, that is the longest canyon in Wadi Rum, having a look at its monumental cliffs, famous for rock climbing. Then we will cross the Disseh plain to go back to our stable. Lunch in the stable.




-700 JOD/person

Consult us for booking conditions.


  • Guided  horse riding trail in Wadi rum full board.
  • Camping equipment during the trail.


Not included:

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance.
  • Jordanian visa ( 40 JD at Amman airport).
  • Personnal riding equipment. Sleeping bag
  • Personnal expenses.
  • Tips

OUR EXCHANGE RATES:  1 EURO = 0.70 JOD // 1 USD = 0.70 JOD // 1 CHF = 0.72 JOD


  • Wadi Rum : Itinerary camp

Itinerary camp

We set up our bivouac camp in a different area each night, carefully selected for the season and the beautiful landscape. Your dinner is freshly cooked and we will dine around the camp fire each evening. We provide two-person bivouac (trekking) tents and mattresses, or if you wish you can sleep outside under the stars. Single tents are available for an extra charge, and occasionally in winter we will move to our fixed camp. Your luggage is transported for you by jeep, and especially for the horse riding tour we provide a “bathroom tent” with warm water where you can wash.



For confirmed departures and dates, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to send you all the informations you need about your itinerary, accommodation, transfers and how to make your booking.

Departures Autumn 2021


Bedouin Tracks ride 11      >>>>    CONFIRMED
Mon 18/10/2021
to Sat 23/10/2021


Bedouin Tracks ride 12
Mon 25/10/2021
to Sat 30/10/2021


EXTRA Bedouin Tracks    >>>>     CONFIRMED
Mon 8/11/2021
to Sat 13/11/2021


Bedouin Tracks ride 13      >>>>     CONFIRMED 
Mon 22/11/2021
to Sat 27/11/2021


Bedouin Tracks ride 14         >>>>    CONFIRMED
Mon 20/12/2021
to Sat 25/12/2021


Bedouin Tracks ride 15      >>>>    CONFIRMED

Mon 27/12/2021

to Sat 01/01/2022

Departures Spring 2022


Bedouin Tracks ride 1
Mon 07/02/2022
to Sat 12/02/2022


Bedouin Tracks ride 2
Mon 21/02/2022
to Sat 26/02/2022


Bedouin Tracks ride 3
Mon 07/03/2022
to Sat 12/03/2022


Bedouin Tracks ride 4
Mon 21/03/2022
to Sat 26/03/2022


Bedouin Tracks ride 5       >>>>    CONFIRMED
Mon 28/03/2022
to Sat 02/04/2022


Bedouin Tracks ride 6     >>>>   CONFIRMED
Mon 09/05/2022
to Sat 14/05/2022


Bedouin Tracks ride 7
Mon 23/05/2022
to Sat 28/05/2022



  • Riding equipment such as riding trouser, helmet ( we provide some in limited numbers), boots and half leg chaps
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • Fleece/warm
  • Broad rimmed hat


  • Equipment
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flash light with spare batteries
  • Personal medications
  • Sunglasses
  • Small towel
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Sunblock
  • Bum bags to protect items from sand

Nice to have extras

  • Seat saver to put on the saddle
  • Lightweight camera with spare batteries
  • Riding gloves
  • Face cloth
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