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" Our aim is to offer you a unique desert experience and an unforgettable travel time in Jordan by sharing our experience and our culture with you. "

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Jordan Travel Agency

Jordan Tracks is a Jordanian excursion agency and Bedouin camp, specialised in desert activities such as trekking, jeep excursions, and camel rides. Officially licensed, Jordan Tracks exists since 2005 in the heart of the Wadi Rum protected area. It was created by two desert brothers, Saleem and Salem Ali, bedouins from the Zalabiah tribe. Our own traditional bedouin camp is settled in the Protected area of the desert and offers all the comfort and peace needed, while respecting the natural landscape.We also specialise in handling the complete organisation of tours throughout Jordan, taking care of your travel, accommodation and a great itinerary from arrival through departure. Thanks to our experience, we offer you a selection of private sightseeing tours and small group themed holidays including wonderful desert adventures such as camel trekking, hiking and scrambling.“If you have already imagined your trip: coming to Jordan for your honeymoon, indulging yourself at the luxury resorts of the Dead Sea, snorkeling or diving in the Red Sea, or if you have special interests… just tell us your wishes and we will be happy to build with you your perfect holiday in Jordan.”