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« Jordan Tracks » is a Jordanian travel agency specialised in desert activities such as trekking, camel and horse-riding. Officially licensed, Jordan Tracks exists since 2005 in the heart of Wadi Rum protected area. The agency was created by Saleem Al Zalabiah and is managed by him and his Brother Salem, bedouin from the Zalabiah tribe. Our agency is the first and only organisation in Wadi Rum recognized by the Jordanian Ministry of Tourisms, and consequently offers all guarantees that are needed to organise all kinds of sporting and touristic activities inside Wadi Rum.

Thanks to our experience, we have the opportunity to manage logistics and organise trips for several international tour operators as well as tailor-made programs for independent travellers.

We are able to handle the complete organisation of tours from arrival in Jordan to departure in the best conditions, with alternative options in case of bad weather conditions.

Our purpose : To offer Jordan visitors the services of an officially-licensed and experienced company staffed by local and friendly people, dedicated to providing its customers with a comfortable, safe and unforgettable vacation.


Our Team

Saleem Al Zalabiah

Founder of Jordan Tracks Desert guide

Salem Ali LAfi

Responsible horse-riding guide Desert guide