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Our camp is located deep inside the protected area of Wadi Rum.

Our Eco camp is situated in the protected area, 10 km away from Wadi Rum village in the valley of Abu Hassaran, in the area of UmFruth rock bridge.
We provide all the accomodation to spend an unforgettable night in the desert, where you can experience its very special silence and charm.
You will never be a lot of people at the same time and we can also offer accomodation for bigger group on request and on a private basis.

You will have the choice to sleep inside traditional bedouin tents or under the stars a little bit further on the dune. It will be just as you wish…
We provide private bedouin tents, 2 and 4 places, so you won’t have to sleep in a tent with other people.
Our tents are carefully built with high-quality materials, sur-elevated wood floor and carpets inside, covered with natural goat hair linen. They all have a window for a good ventilation. Electricity is provided by solar panels, which means no loud generator at the camp.
The dinner will be taken around the fire or in the dinner tent during winter.
We provide traditional bedouin tents called « Beit Shar », dinner and breakfast, clean cotton sheets, mattresses, blankets, pillows, proper toilet and hot shower facilities ( please bring your own soap and towel).

Meals and drinks
Meals are cooked on the spot by a bedouin cook.

  • Breakfast : Continental and Arabic (Arabian pita bread, jam, cheese, omelette, spices, bedouin coffee and tea etc…)
  • Lunch : When the weather is warm, the lunch is cold, composed of a variety of salads and fruits. When the weather is cooler, the lunch is composed with salads and a hot meal.
  • Dinner : Traditional dishes with rice, fresh vegetables, chicken or lamb meat. Fruits/ sweets
  • The drinks : We provide mineral water in unlimited quantity, fruit juices and tea.

Our specials
The MAGLOUBA, the bedouin risotto, and the ZARB, ancestral way to cook pieces of meat and vegetables in an oven under the floor, covered by sand.

From 4 people and for more than 2 nights, you can ask us for bivouac, and sleep in different places every night. We will provide tents and mattresses, please be sure to bring your own sleeping bag.

Info : +962 796 482 801

Licenced travel agency based in the village of Wadi Rum desert and run by local bedouins