Jordan Tracks

Ethical Charter

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As much as possible, our activities lie within the framework of responsible tourism. Therefore we are respecting the following principles :

  • Our guides, drivers and cooks are always local bedouins, sharing with you their ancestral knowledge of the desert.
  • For sure, we need to use cars for people who have short time to visit our desert and for logistic for trekking, horse riding and camel riding. We use them as less as possible and promote environnemental friendly ways of traveling, as walking, horseback or camel riding.
  • For cooking, we use gaz as much as possible, keeping wood for traditionnal dishes and camp fire. We only use dead wood.
  • We pay attention to the condition of our animals, and provide them health care whenever they need it.
  • We spare water as much as possible in every trip we organise.
  • We organise eco trekkings on a regular basis, to chase rubbish into desert and keep it clean.