Horse Riding

Enjoy long, exhilarating canters through Jordan’s stunning desert landscapes, riding our beautiful, spirited Arab horses.

What better way to experience the Bedouin heritage of Wadi Rum than to ride on horseback along its wide sandy valleys and narrow, hidden canyons?

Our riding tours combine the excitement of riding fast, fit, friendly horses and exploring Jordan, its culture and tradition.

 We offer a 6 days program for experienced riders every week, you can check our programs and our riding dates.

Our suggestions
*10 days in Jordan visiting Petra, Dead Sea/Red Sea, Amman, Mount Nebo…with 6 days horse riding in Wadi Rum desert  : Bedouin Trail 2

*Shorter 9 days tour visiting Petra, with 6 days horse riding in Wadi Rum desert : Bedouin Trail 1

*6 days horse riding in Wadi Rum desert : Wadi Rum trail

Also, upon request and depending on our availabilities, we can welcome for few hours ride.

Our stable is located right at the entrance of the Wadi Rum protected area. We own about fifteen Arabian horses who live in the desert all year long. They are in good health condition and are used to living and travelling in the desert.

Our horses are spirited, clever and sociable. They are easy to control, but like all horses with arabian roots, they are fast and sensible and ask some tact. They are all different and have their own character.

Our equipment

  • – Our saddlery (english) is in very good shape to provide comfort and safety.
  • – Our saddles are synthetic, model Wintec.
  • – We  use trek bridles.
  • – We do not use trek bags, but saddle blankets with pockets to carry what is needed during the day such as water, camera, sun cream etc…
  • – We provide helmets in a limited number.

The riding guides are Bedouins. Speaking fluent english, they are experienced, know perfectly all the horses, the itineraries, and the desert of Wadi Rum. They know the local culture and are able to make the right decision in case of emergency. A first aid kit is always available.

Riding level : This activity requires you to be experienced in horse riding and fit enough to enjoy and take advantage of the ride. Also, as our horses are Arabian, they are small and can not carry heavy weight.  We do not ask them to carry more than 85 kg.

What is an experienced rider?

  • – to know how to saddle and unsaddle your horse.
  • – to know to control your horse at all paces in open area.
  • – to know how to do rising trot canter and gallop.


Other Suggestions

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The Bedouin trail 1

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