Bivouac Experience

Wadi Rum Specials - 2 days 1/2 / 2 nights

Two and a half days of adventure! Jeep tour, star-gazing night in a bivouac by the fire, followed by another excursion day near Saudi Arabia, a night at our fixed camp and a camel ride back to the village.


  • Wadi Rum essentials jeep tour
  • Jebel Khash
  • One night in bivouac and one night in our all-comfort fixed camp
  • Camel ride back to the village
Activities :
  • Trekking,
  • Jeep Tour,
  • Sleep under the stars,
  • Camel ride,
  • Bedouin camp,
The Bivouac Experience is a complete two days and a half, two nights program, accompanied by an experienced bedouin guide. Departure is guaranteed from 2 people to 8 people.
If you would like to join this adventure, please reach out to us to check booking status at [email protected] or via our contact form/whatsapp .

Day 1  

Jeep tour in Wadi Rum desert

You will start the tour at 9.30am from our office in the village of Wadi Rum, after a nice cup of tea. You will visit by jeep all the main places of Wadi Rum, such as the Nabatean inscriptions of Khazali and An Fashiyeh, the red sand dunes, the rockbridges of Um Fruth and Burdah, Barragh canyon ( where you can have a one hour walk if you wish), Lawrence of Arabia’s house and a gorgeous sunset spot.
Then we will bring you to a cosy and secluded bivouac place (adapted to the season) to sleep under the stars. Dinner will be prepared with your guide around the fire. Later you will enjoy Bedouin stories and maybe a few Bedouin songs.
After dinner we will provide you with a mattress and sleeping bag or a comfortable blanket to spend the night and look at millions of stars,  enjoying the sound of silence.

Day 2

Hiking in Wadi Rum desert

We will drive you by jeep further to the South to Jebel Khash, where you will hike up to the summit (easy walk) and enjoy an amazing view above the Wadi Rum desert and the Saudian border. After lunch you will walk through Nugra valley and explore more beautiful areas of the desert. We will then drive to our fixed  bedouin camp for the last night where you can enjoy a hot, relaxing shower, have a buffet-style dinner and sleep in private tents with beds.  Our eco-Bedouin camp is a human-sized, comfortable camp in the heart of Wadi Rum desert where you can still enjoy the silence of the desert, and gaze at shooting stars by the fire.


Morning camel riding

Saddle up for an authentic style two-hour camel ride from our camp to Wadi Rum village. You will finish the tour at our office around 10.30am








PRICE 165 JOD / person

The first night will be spent in a protected, well chosen spot to sleep under the stars.  We will provided all the needed equipment to spend a relaxing night.

The second night will be at our bedouin fixed camp, still in the heart of the desert.  You will be able to take a hot shower, eat a full buffet-style dinner and sleep in beds of our private camp tents.

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